Google Adword’s Keyword Planner: In Depth


The Google Adword’s Keyword Planner just recently replaced the Google Adword’s Keyword Tool.  You now have to access the Keyword Planner through your Google Adword’s account.  The interface is different from the Keyword Tool; it seems to be more targeted towards advertisers.  However, you do not have to advertise to use it!  In Keyword Planner, you can only view exact matches for keywords; the Keyword Tool used to show a broad match for average search results – if you wanted to, you could change the search to phrase match or exact match.  Also, with Keyword Planner, there is no longer an option to show closely related terms to the keywords you enter.

Although Google Adword’s Keyword Tool is gone, all is not lost!  The Google Adword’s Keyword Planner is really powerful and provides some great keyword research options!  It allows you to:

  • Enter your product or service – the keywords you would like to search,
  • Select your product category,
  • Target a certain market through location and language, and
  • Customize your search with filters and options.

Once you have arrowed your search, Google spits out hundreds of “Keyword Ideas” that it suggests.  This list can be downloaded as an excel file!  Each keyword shows “Average Monthly Searches,” “Competition,” and “Average CPC” (Cost-per-Click).

A second option for doing keyword research is entering or uploading your own keywords.  This gives you two options – get estimates or get search volume.  Lastly, you can use a multiple keyword list, which is a quicker way of entering multiple keyword combinations.  you can create two lists of keywords and Google combines the lists and searches for matches based on the keyword combination!


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